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Spring-Summer 2017 Issue no. 28

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Summer of Impeach Trump is On

According to some religious leaders, based on the travails of the average working poor, we may have entered into the last-stage of humanity. In the last letter, even with the outrage expressed by those willing to march the day after the inauguration of the President Donald Trump, there had been some hoped-for change. Now more people than ever can see that Trump is mostly a demagogue who rode in on the coattails of critics, yet has heeled in obedience to the will of the neoconservative agenda.

For the working poor, a lot is at stake including the rising prices of housing (especially those controlled in rentier economies), the loss of guarantees of minimum wage hikes, the persecution and contraction of unions, the reductions in force as Trump and his cabal attack government agencies, and the commitment to attacking all kinds of traditional freedoms. It is, as socialist commentators have warned, the democratic march to the right at warp speed.

In fact it sort of reminds one of the mythical Cyclops who feed off of captured sailors or small farmers. They only possessed one-eye and it was in view of eating people. So this could be the stage of the end of civilization as we know it, when people are being cannibalized figuratively so that the debts we owe, the savings or pension we accrued, even our identities can be nullified or change hands.

One-eyed ogres don't possess a lot of vision; in fact, they rather have a one-track mind, which is the urge to make money, exhibit wealth, and then take more exploitative actions to monopolize more capitalist resources and wealth. Ideals such as a public commonwealth and resources, and especially publicly owned corporations are demonized as a drain on capital.

The fact that Trump and his ilk are incapable of reflecting on the homes they destroy, the suffering they cause, the students who couldn't graduate, the laborers they cheated, the reductions in quality of life, or costs they accrue defending their perspective in court has become extremely problematic. According to the Daily Beast, there are at least 75 lawsuits against Donald Trump (not including his relatives).

What is more, nearly 200 democratic lawmakers filed a lawsuit on June 14, 2017 regarding Trump's violation of the emoluments clause.

According to ThinkProgress:

All of the suits are similar in their broad strokes: they allege that Trump is violating the Constitution, and that he is profiting off the presidency through his businesses.

While a normal business person would be running and scared sh*tless, these types always believe its the opposing party's fault. Blame it on the littlest person in the room.

Not only have Trump and his cabal made a mockery of the highest offices in the land, he is deliberately trying to fill offices and judgeships with those whose views run counter to the federal mission. You can't hire a fox to guard the hen-house, but he has gone and done that. Unlike in 2009, so far, Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has shown little willingness to delay cabinet appointments despite the fact that various picks had not yet cleared required ethics and background checks. McConnell is also using the "nuclear option", a simple majority vote, to clear nominations.

No wonder many protests are listed this summer at the Resistance Calendar.

Stay Tuned

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